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With the extensive knowledge of Sleep Coach Natalie

About Me

I'm Natalie, a qualified baby and child sleep consultant and mummy to Georgina (5yrs) and Alfie (3yrs).

The struggle of not having a good nights’ sleep for months or even years on end, is real.
For some families, this is ok and they can manage it, for others it can take its toll and change needs to be made.

We were a family that chose to make that change and experienced our own sleep consultancy journey and it really did change our lives! After 9 months of sleep deprivation with Alfie, we made the changes and soon had a well rested little one and a happier household.

I'm here to bring back that gift of sleep for families that are struggling. My aim - to improve the health, well-being and happiness of families with young children by teaching parents how to help their little ones become efficient sleepers.

Sleep resets and restores the body and is essential for us as parents and young ones so whether it’s:

~ Bedtime battles, consistent and unnecessary night wakings,

nap struggles, early rising ~

or just wanting to change the current situation to allow the whole family to be better rested then I’m here to help. I offer bespoke packages using only gentle approaches that suit your family and circumstances. 

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Why Sleep Train? 

Cognitive Development

Sleep is vital for an infant's brain development. During sleep neural pathways are formed and memory consolidation takes place.



Sleep deprivation can lead to poor concentration and confusion which puts both parent and child safety at greater risk.


Health and Wellbeing

Parent and child sleep deprivation can lead to poor immune systems and increased illness as well as potential mental health concerns.



A well rested family will feel better, interact and connect better bringing an overall sense of deeper joy and happiness!

​Support and Packages

Every child is unique. I will work with you to create a bespoke plan to address your specific sleep goals that suit your family set up and parenting style. Depending on the level of support you need, I will guide you the whole way. 


These packages are suitable from 6 months.  If your little one is under 6 months, then I also offer newborn workshops to help set  good foundations for sleep as your baby grows.

All my packages are designed to educate and empower parents to feel confident about making those positive changes to allow the whole family to be better rested. 

Gold   2 weeks support


  • Free discovery call

  • Detailed initial assessment questionnaire and analysis

  • Video consultation (60 - 90 mins) 

  • Customised sleep plan

  • UNLIMITED email / WhatsApp support for 2 weeks

  • 3 x 15 minute support calls 

  • Advice on upcoming milestones


Gold Support Package


Platinum 3 weeks support


  • Free discovery call

  • Detailed initial assessment questionnaire and analysis

  • Video consultation (60-90 mins) with recording to keep

  • Customised sleep plan

  • UNLIMITED email/ WhatsApp support over 3 weeks

  • 6 x 15 min support calls

  • Advice on upcoming milestones

  • Access to a private Facebook group for lifetime support 

Silver  1 weeks support
  • Free discovery call

  • Detailed initial assessment questionnaire and analysis

  • Video consultation (45-60 mins) 

  • Customised sleep plan

  • 2 x 15 min support calls 


Troubleshooting Call 

If all you need is a short video call on one particular issue then the Troubleshooting Call may be for you: 

  • Free discovery call

  • Detailed initial assessment questionnaire and analysis

  • Video consultation (45-60 mins)

  • Advice and guidance on any specific sleep issue. We'll discuss options and solutions.


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Well rested families say.....

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Lorraine Phillips
Mum to Emily, 9 months

Natalie really has improved our life! 

My 9 month old daughter has gone from only being fed/rocked/ pushed to sleep to self settling in her cot. She would wake at least twice a night for feeds and often ended up in our bed.
Naps were also hit and miss.
With Natalie's help, Emily is now sleeping 12 hour nights with a dream feed and is napping in her cot after self settling herself to sleep. Emily is a much happier baby and I get some precious 1:1 time with my other daughter and a hot cup of tea!

Thank you so much Natalie for your advice and being so approachable.


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Sleep Training FAQ

How long will it take?

Every child is different. A behavioural intervention can resolve a baby or young child's sleep challenges in as little as 1-3 nights or it could take 4-6 weeks. Most families see a vast improvement within the first 7-10 days. There are a number of variables that can determine the speed of progress, particularly consistency and we will discuss this during our consultation to ensure you get the best results.

Will it work?

Yes! As long as you consistently implement the strategies provided, then your family can get the rest you all deserve. If sickness, travel or other life events disrupt progress during the plan, we will manage this together and get you back on track when you are ready. If I see any reason to suggest your child may need a different type of expertise such as medical, or if sleep goal expectations are unattainable for the particular age of your child then I will let you know prior to payment.

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Will my baby cry?

All babies (and young children) cry. It's how they communicate but by reading and understanding these cries I can help you respond in an appropriate way that will gently guide your little one to get the sleep they need. You will never ignore the cries.

What is your success rate?

I have helped 100% of the families I've worked with, to achieve their sleep goals through my guidance and support and their hard work and consistency!

Natalie - Sleep Consultant

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