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  FREE GUIDE: Get Your Little One Sleeping Better -
5 tips to try tonight for more settled nights

~ Infant and Child Sleep Consultant ~

Bringing back sleep for the whole family

Natalie and family

Sleepless nights for nights on end? I've been there. 

The struggle of not having a good night's sleep for months, or even years on end is real, and painful.

We went through months and months of sleepless nights and it soon began to stack up and impact wider family life. 

Honestly, I couldn't see how it would ever end. I felt lost. 

We were desperately seeking a gentle and loving solution to get our baby (and us!) a good night's sleep. 

Little did we know our solution was one click away - and so is yours........ 

Book a Free Chat
with Natalie-Sleep Consultant

If your little one is >6 months * and you're ready to get sleep back on track, then book a free 30 minute call with me and we'll discuss:

What's going on for your little one; 
Identify what could be causing your biggest sleep struggle;
Options to resolve it and get your sleep back! 

* If baby is <6 months then drop me an email and I'll send you some key tips for their age 

Things do not have to
continue as they are.

There IS another way...

I'm a fully certified infant sleep expert as well as mum of two young ones and have helped families across the UK to get the sleep they deserve.

My mission is to improve the health, well-being and happiness of families with young children (0-6yrs) by teaching parents how to help their little ones sleep to the best of their ability. 

Let me show you how.......

Natalie on sofa

My methods DO NOT involve: 
> Closing the door and not returning.
> Going against your natural instincts to soothe your child.

Sleep deprived
mother and child

My methods DO involve: 
> Gentle and responsive techniques to help your infant sleep better and feel happier.
> A holistic approach to understanding WHY your baby isn't sleeping and HOW to change it.
> Giving you confidence to trust your instincts.

et Your Little One Sleeping Better 
5 tips to try tonight for more settled nights

5 Steps to Sleep Success

Well Rested Families Say.......

Hanna Apperley
Mum to Luca, 4yrs

Working with Natalie was amazing. She really listened to the challenges we were having with our 4-year-old and tweaked the plan rather than sticking to any preconceived ideas or a script. She has great knowledge, really cared and was easy to talk to.

My son started sleeping through the night again after months of disturbed nights. Highly recommend to anyone wanting help with their kid's sleep.

Vicki Gregory

Mum to Jessica, 23 months

Natalie has been so helpful when helping with my daughter who suddenly refused to go to sleep!

She listened to the issues, came up with a strategy and followed up with additional ideas and solutions to help get us back on track with better bedtimes.

I cannot recommend Natalie enough, thank you so much! x

Lorraine Phillips

Mum to Emily, 9 months

Natalie really has improved our life! 

My 9-month-old daughter has gone from only being fed/rocked/pushed to sleep to self settling in her cot. She would wake at least twice a night for feeds and often ended up in our bed. Naps were also hit and miss.

With Natalie's help, Emily is now sleeping 12 hour nights with a dream feed and is napping in her cot after self settling herself to sleep. Emily is a much happier baby and I get some precious 1:1 time with my other daughter and a hot cup of tea!

Thank you so much Natalie for your advice and being so approachable.

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