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  Get Your Little One Sleeping Better -FREE GUIDE with 5 tips to try tonight for more settled nights

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Nice To Meet You

Hi, I'm Natalie - an Infant Sleep Coach, allowing you to get the joy back out of family life. 

Let's Begin At The Beginning.

Welcoming a baby into the world is such a magical moment and of course, a lack of sleep is to be expected.  

Our eldest suffered terribly from undiagnosed reflux in her first year and this made sleep a real challenge for us all. It impacted our family and unfortunately took a lot of joy out of those first few months.

When our youngest arrived, he was a very different baby who slept so well for his age.....until 4 months....

Soon, I was up every 45mins (1 hour if I was lucky) throughout the night and daily tasks with a 3 year old and 4 month old became challenging to say the least. 

At 9 months we were all going a bit delirious with the continued wakes and something needed to change. 

After finding a sleep consultant for our family, our lives were changed. Sleep is the foundation for everything - once you have that - you can tackle anything. 

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After 9 months of sleep deprivation, we made the changes, learnt lots along the way, felt more empowered as parents, and soon had a well rested little one and a happier household.

I'm here today to bring back that gift of sleep for families that are struggling.

My aim is to improve the health, well-being and happiness of families with young children by teaching parents how to help their little ones become the best sleepers they can be. Sleep resets and restores the body, and is essential for us as parents and young ones.

Bedtime Battles, Consistent & Unnecessary Night Wakings, Nap Struggles, Early Rising.....or just wanting to change the current situation to allow your whole family to be better rested, then I can help you. 


Are you ready to get back your zzz's?

Book a free call with me and we can discuss what's going on with your little one and options to resolve it.





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