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Frequent Night Waking Masterclass
(6months - 2years)



This 1.5 hour masterclass will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to resolve the frequent night waking in your little one (6 months - 2 years).


Persistent night wakes can leave us feeling frustrated, helpless and anxious - this masterclass is here to give you the best practices for managing night wakings and leave you feeling confident in your next steps. 

 Longer night time stretches of sleep are a few clicks away!

By providing an understanding as to how sleep works, deep diving into the 3 main reasons for the frequent waking and techniques to help your little one settle to sleep, you will find all the solutions and strategies to suit your own child.

It covers: 

  • How sleep works

  • What is normal sleep vs what can we change

  • The 3 main causes of frequent waking

  • Daytime sleep and timings

  • How to manage night feeds

  • Quick fixes 

  • Techniques to sleep 

Read what others have said about the Masterclass:

Sophie Hicks

Natalie delivers a perfect summary of all the important facts you need to know about infant sleep in order to understand how to improve it for them and you. It has helped me by giving me the knowledge to understand and help both my newborn and my toddler who are both frequently waking during the night.
Thank you Natalie for this confidence boost to help me improve the situation!

Nicole Rocliffe

Natalie's Frequent Night Wakings Masterclass has really helped me to pinpoint areas that we can work on as a family to improve our sleep situation. I have come away from the masterclass with a better understanding of how sleep works and what is affecting our little one's sleep as well as clear, practical tips that we have already started to implement.
Natalie is very passionate about what she does and has left me feeling really positive about the changes we will be able to make to help our daughter.

Abbie Crowley

I feel so much happier knowing how to manage my sons sleeping and it has reduced my anxiety as I was feeling I didn’t know whether I was using the right techniques to support my son’s sleep. I now feel happier to continue with the techniques and make some changes that I learned from the masterclass.

This masterclass is for you....... 

If any of this sounds familiar, then this Frequent Night Waking masterclass is for you.....

  • Feeling emotional, anxious, even angry during the night;

  • Desperate for longer stretches of peaceful sleep;

  • Confused by all the conflicting advice about managing night wakings;

  • Relationships with your partner and/or wider family are being impacted;

  • You're turning down playdates and coffee with friends because you're just so tired;

  • Feel like you've tried everything;

  • You want clear options to resolve it and get your sleep back! 

About Natalie

Natalie is a qualified infant and child sleep consultant for 0-6yrs. Her passion is to educate and empower families to feel confident about making positive changes to sleep so that everyone can get the BEST SLEEP possible.


Using gentle and reassuring techniques, Natalie  offers workshops, masterclasses and works 1:1 with families, creating bespoke plans with dedicated daily support to help parents reach the sleep goals for their children.

Natalie lives in Hertfordshire with her 2 (very energetic) children and husband but offers support to families across the UK. 

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