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Early Rising Guide 

August 23rd, 7.45pm - 9.15pm


Who is this workshop aimed at? 
This workshop is aimed at parents with little ones over the age of 6 months, waking before 6am and struggling to resettle.

We'll cover: 

  • How sleep works and what happens at 4am! 

  • Reasons for the early rise

  • Basic checks

  • Strategies to resolve

  • Q&A 

You will receive a pre workshop questionnaire to complete so that provide tailored suggestions for exactly HOW to resolve the early rise. With a Q&A session at the end, you will get all the confidence you need to away and implement the actions. 

✨✨PLUS!! You will recieve 2 days email support completely FREE following the workshop to ensure you are all absolutely clear and happy with the actions and can use that support to ask any other questions. ✨✨

Working with newborns up to the age of 6 years, I help families achieve the sleep goals that are developmentally appropriate for their little one - working towards that more restful night until an acceptable time in the morning! 

Number of tickets

In order to offer a personalised workshop, there are a maximum of 10 tickets.

Don't worry if you don't get on, I'll be running these regularly. 

How to register: 

Click the link below to register. If there's space, I will send you an email with payment details and then an official welcome to the workshop with everything that you need to get started.  

Important notes:

- A minimum of 4 tickets need to be purchased for the workshop to run. In the event of less than 4 tickets being purchased, a full refund will be made.

- Due to the minimum requirements above and limited capacity, tickets for workshops are non-refundable.

- If you decide you would love more support in a 1:1 package, then the cost of this workshop will be deducted.

Let’s resolve that early rise! 

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