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Frequent Night Waking Masterclass


If your little one is between 6months - 6years and you're starting the day before 6am, then this guide will give you ALL the strategies you need. 

By providing an understanding as to how sleep works and the underlying cause for the early rise, you will find solutions and strategies that suit your own child.

These strategies are the exact ones that I have successfully used to resolve many early rising cases in the past few years! 


If you decide you would love more support with the early rise, there's a special offer inside for a discounted 1 hour support call.   

What's covered: 

  • How Sleep Works

  • What Counts as an Early Rise

  • Basic Checks [with solutions of course!] 

  • A Reminder of Tired and Overtired signs

  • Sleep Needs Table

  • Strategies to resolve

  • Boundaries and Consistency

Please note:

This guide is for infants who can already self settle.

If your child needs help learning this skill, then book in for a free chat. 

All rights reserved @Natalie-Sleep Consultant 2023

Let’s resolve that early rise! 

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